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Sustainable Resourcing working in Partnership with The University of Brighton

We are delighted to announce that after several positive meetings with The University of Brighton about how we can best support The University, an official partnership has been formed. This exciting new partnership maintains our commitment of sustaining tomorrow's talent and signifies our ethical values.

Sustainable Resourcing will be investing in a number of awards for deserving students within the built environment, as well as offering various added value services to students, The University, and local business, such as free workshops and sponsorship. On occasion we will offer free introductions or internships to deserving students and loyal customers. This however will be on the basis where we see value and commitment invested from both parties.

Please see our 'Sustaining Tomorrows talent' section for more details on how we are making a difference. sustaining tomorrows talent.

Our Key Values

Sustainable Resourcing is committed to working following these key principles:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Transparency
  • Value for money
  • Sustaining tomorrows talent
  • Excellent customer service
We believe that in doing this we will continue to forge long standing and successful working relationships, built on trust and service delivery.