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Sustaining tomorrow's talent

The problem...

In the current climate, many businesses within the industry have had to cut their costs and reduce profits. Whenever this happens, often one of the first cuts is that of investing in the recruitment, training and education of new junior staff, in particular undergraduates and recent graduates.

This lack of opportunity, coupled with increasing university fees is leading to many deciding not to enter the industry.

We have spoken to and interviewed hundreds of undergraduates whom are concerned about their prospects and are considering other careers.

We have also spoken to hundreds of clients that are concerned that neither their company nor the industry is doing enough to reinvest in or retain young talent, which will inevitably lead to a skills shortage of talent in the future.

How we are helping…

Sustainable Resourcing is committed to help fill this void with a number of schemes detailed below and hope you will join us in working with an ethical recruiter for a common goal:

Direct Sponsorship – We are in the process of sponsoring a number of deserving students from various Built Environment disciplines to assist them with their study fees.

Sustainable Resourcing Awards – At the end of each academic year, a number of special achievers awards are given out to deserving students.

Free Student Workshops – Once fortnightly, Sustainable Resourcing offers a number of free drop in session for undergraduates and those thinking of pursuing a career in the built environment. Areas covered can include, CV and interview advice, Career Prospects, Salary guides, advice on graduate placement and internships.

Free Placements – On occasion Sustainable Resourcing can provide a free permanent or internship introduction of an undergraduate or recently graduated candidate. This is offered only to our most loyal clients, who we feel would not only gain from the introduction of our best known junior candidates but also see value in investing their time in the candidates' development.
Sustainable Resourcing is committed to the above schemes but we are constantly reviewing how we can best support the industry in the future.
If you have any ideas or suggestions on this, we would be delighted to hear from you, contact us today.

Our Key Values

Sustainable Resourcing is committed to working following these key principles:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Transparency
  • Value for money
  • Sustaining tomorrows talent
  • Excellent customer service
We believe that in doing this we will continue to forge long standing and successful working relationships, built on trust and service delivery.